Tuesday, August 6, 2013

You want to put a ladder WHERE?!?!

On the ceiling. Obviously. I don't see the problem...?
This project definitely taught me patience. I had been looking for a good vintage wooden ladder for a looooong time. About 6 months.... Probably longer...

  I finally  found the ladder at a local vintage store that had just opened! Now they have a loyal customer :)
My mom had some left over paint from her bathroom makeover that was the perfect color. I wanted something blue because my laundry room theme is blues. I didn't put too much paint on it so some of the old wood would show through.
I went to Home Depot and showed the associate the picture from Pinterest. He helped me with the white chain, and screw hooks for the ceiling and to attach the chain.
Of course he first laughed at me and asked if I was showing him a Pinterest post...  Why yes, yes I am. He's familiar because his fiancee "dreams up these crazy Pinterest ideas and makes him do all the work for it." I told him he's a good sport and what's her Pinterest user name?
My main squeeze was nice enough to install all the hooks and chains and whatnot.
Sorry about the mess. And the nosy dogs.
There's still a lot I want to do with this room, but probably not anytime soon.
Today's moral- yes you CAN put a ladder on the ceiling.

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